Some time back, Andy was invited to the 20th birthday party for the daughter of a colleague at the office. The daughter was a pretty girl, surrounded by keen and presumably eligible young men. Andy shook her hand and bent forward to give her a fatherly-type peck on her cheek. She thanked him and that was the extent of their contact that evening. However, Andy noticed an older woman watching him as he "did the rounds" of guests and family members. When possible, Andy took a good look at her without her noticing. She was quite tall, dressed in a dark blue kaftan-type of over-dress: with intricate gold woven panels around her shoulders, down the front and under her bust.. What struck him was the belt or rope-tie about her waist. It seemed to indicate a neater waist than he would have expected. She looked to be in her 50s: hair beginning to whiten, and some wrinkling around her throat. At one point, Andy asked his host, "Jeff, who's the lady in the blue dress?" Jeff turned his back on he